What We Do?

Sethex has six practice areas; all are dedicated to generating results for clients. Everything we do is about creating improvements and gains whether in top-line or bottom-line results, mitigating reputational risk, reengineering operational efficiency and effectiveness, or opening doors and pathways to new routes to market. We even assist in facilitating technology transfer whether in process, hardware, software or techniques. Sethex brings best-in-class direct-to-consumer advertising, data management, and campaign management to both industry and political marketing.


We provide advice and implementation support on executive recruitment, marketing, strategy, operations, cost mitigation, credit, political, real estate, financial services, oil and gas, and EMEA market development 

Public Relations

Earned media strategy development and implementation inclusive of digital, broadcast, and offline channels to shape messaging and build reputational equity

Government Relations

We deploy and have extensive networks in the United States and EMEA markets of resources to manage related government channels including licensed lobbyist when needed


Provide product channel and market development support. Assist in opening new markets and providing gateways for supply chain and cross-distribution to the United States and EMEA markets


Provide a complete range of digital and offline advertising and marketing solutions cultivated in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Latin America, and other select global markets. Collectively, our capabilities can accelerate cycles of learning and transformational outcomes in developing markets


Your source for bringing technology transfer from the west to developing markets. Capabilities include, among others, website development, application development, hosting services, cloud services, help desk support, and third-party solution procurement.

Sethex is your source for facilitating innovation and trade between the United States and EMEA markets