About us

Sethex is part of EHD Group which comprises a number of businesses primarily focused on importing and exporting goods and services between Western and EMEA markets. Our sister companies’ services include mining interests, food products, logistics and navigation, among others. These capabilities provide Sethex with a unique window to cross-border trade, project management, strategic planning, deal facilitation, marketing, product development, government and public relations, supply chain development, and international networking. Sethex is a premier international consultancy which can help improve clients’ bottom lines, drive process improvement and governance while providing the senior talent necessary to implement recommendations made.

Why Choose Us?

Sethex provides access to an extensive network of international and global resources in terms of people, technology, and subject matter expertise. No recommendation is made that, if asked, we cannot implement on behalf of a client.

Key Focus Areas

Project Management

Experienced project managers aligned by discipline and client verticals

Partner Development

Make introductions to prospective alliance partners for offer, distribution, promotion, and cross-selling enhancements

Strategic Procurement

Extensive expertise in data asset procurement, cost mitigation, tender process management and supply chain management

Financial Services

Extensive operations, credit underwriting, marketing and governance expertise in insurance, banking, Fintechs, B2B funding and conduit financing

Business Development

Develop affinity and co- brand product initiatives, provide access to expanded retail outlets and new markets, and assist in the distribution of goods and services

Executive Recruitment, Interim Management and Strategic Consultancy

Extensive experience in recruiting and/or deploying senior executives to optimize or turn around businesses in insurance, banking, political campaigns, and oil and gas

Advertising and Marketing

Comprehensive services in both online and offline advertising. Access to major data sources includes the world’s largest data cloud to inform programmatic ads, geofencing and geo-conquesting campaigns


Provide outsourced cloud-based IT support, application development, posting services, website development and related consulting services


Logistics, supply chain sourcing, project management, patent specs, product development and delivery consulting

Public Relations

Provide media planning services to build institutional awareness and product reputation in the U.S. market

Government Relations

Collaborate with established legal, lobbyist and consultative resources in the development and implementation of government relations strategies in the U.S. and EMEA markets

Political Consulting

Advise political campaigns informed by research and constituent data and the marketing technology

Local Commitment

We are committed to the communities in which we operate. Our consultants and advisors adapt to the cultures in which they operate. Many of our clients look to the advantage of employing western management talent and expertise while requesting that local customs be respected. Technology transfer is fundamental to our practice and transpires while maintaining the dignity and respect for all of those who engage us.